Skynet Worldwide Express | Skynet Tracking

Collecting parcels from and delivering them to the correct place is what Skynet Worldwide tracking services all about? A different set of couriers belong to Commercial and household categories. The company takes care of them and categorizes things accordingly. Courier is indeed the least expensive way to get a product delivered at a particular place within permissible time limits. Goes without saying, you cannot visit any place overnight to transfer a particular commodity. However, with the help of promising Skynet Shipping services, you can always expect the parcels to reach within just a few hours.

Track Your Courier

Skynet Tracking Step by Step

Tracking your shipment at Skynet is just like any other courier tracking process. Make sure to keep your tracking number handy

  • Enter aws / airway bill number / consignment number in the tracking box.
  • Press search
  • Receive the courier information right away on the screen.

You will be able to see different stages/warehouses the consignment passed through in order to reach the destination.

Skynet Track My Order Process Detailed

Courier services clubs packages according to size, location, and freight charges. As the package proceeds from one destination to another, they are assigned with tracking numbers. You can view the details of your package through the allotted tracking number that is manually filled inform of airway bill. The 12 digit number is handed over to the customer during the time of consignment payment.

Returned to shipper / returned to the origin

Since Skynet worldwide tracking takes all the guarantee of securing your package; it practices extra care in case of Return goods. The original package is returned to the person shipping it. Delivery failure can be because of one or more reasons. The possible reasons why your shipment has not been delivered may include -

  • Acceptance refusal by the intended party
  • Unavailability of physical address/ receiver
  • Multiple delivery attempt failure

How to contact Skynet customer care?

You can drop an email to below address or can contact them directly their telephone number specified below. Send an email at Telephone number +44 (0) 20 8538 1988

Skynet Worldwide Courier Timings

Skynet delivers the packages in between 8 a.m. - 8 p.m on official working days. You have to book your orders during the office timings.

Exceptionally, in case the company is unable to deliver the shipment because of some reason; it would be immediately conveyed to the customer through SMS or email.